The API will be reachable at https://browsersupports.org/api/v1/. A non-SSL version will be reachable at http://browsersupports.org/api/v1/, and will redirect to the SSL version. This site is for applications that read, create, update, and delete compatibility resources. It includes a browsable API to ease application development, but not full documentation.

The API supports two representations:

application/vnd.api+json (default)
JSON mostly conforming to the JSON API.
the Django REST Framework browsable API.

The API supports user accounts with Persona authentication. Persona credentials can be exchanged for an OAuth 2.0 token for server-side code changes.

A developer-centered website will be available at https://browsersupports.org/. A non-SSL version will be available at http://browsersupports.org and will redirect to the HTTPS version. This site is for documentation, example code, and example presentations.

The documentation site is not editable from the browser. It uses gettext-style translations. en-US will be the first supported language.