A Service provides server functionality beyond basic manipulation of resources.


Several endpoint handle user authentication. is an HTML page that summarizes the users’ account, which includes:

  • The username, which can’t be changed.
  • Changing or setting the password, which is optional if a linked account is used.
  • Viewing, adding, and removing linked accounts, which are optional if a password is set. The support linked account type is Firefox Accounts.
  • Viewing, adding, and removing emails. Emails can be verified (a link is clicked or a trusted linked accout says it is verified), and one is the primary email used for communication.

Additional endpoints for authentication:

  • /accounts/ - Redirect to login or profile, depending on login state
  • /accounts/signup/ - Create a new account, using username and password
  • /accounts/login/ - Login to an existing account, using username and password or selecting a linked account
  • /accounts/logout/ - Logout from site
  • /accounts/password/change/ - Change an existing password
  • /accounts/password/set/ - Set the password for an account using only a linked account
  • /accounts/email/ - Manage associated email addresses
  • /accounts/password/reset/ - Start a password reset via email
  • /accounts/social/connections/ - Manage social accounts
  • /accounts/fxa/login/ - Start a Firefox Accounts login

Browser Identification

The /browser_ident endpoint provides browser identification based on the User Agent and other parameters.

Two potential sources for this information:

This endpoint will probably require the browser to visit it. It will be further speced as part of the UX around user contributions.