Contributions should follow the MDN Contribution Guidelines:

  • You agree to license your contributions under MPL 2

  • Discuss large changes on the dev-mdn mailing list or on a bugzilla bug before coding.

  • Python code style should follow PEP8 standards whenever possible.

  • All commit messages must start with “bug NNNNNNN” or “fix bug NNNNNNN”
    • Reason: Make it easy for someone to consume the commit log and reach originating requests for all changes

    • Exceptions: “Merge” and “Revert” commits

    • Notes:
      • “fix bug NNNNNNN” - will trigger a github bot to automatically mark bug as “RESOLVED:FIXED”
      • If a pull request has multiple commits, we should squash commits together or re-word commit messages so that each commit message contains a bug number
  • MDN module owner or peer must review and merge all pull requests.
    • Reason: Owner and peers are and accountable for the quality of MDN code changes
    • Exceptions: Owners/peers may commit directly to master for critical security/down-time fixes; they must file a bug for follow-up review.
  • MDN reviewers must verify sufficient test coverage on all changes - either by new or existing tests.

What to work on

There is a tracking bug for this project, and a specific bug for the data store, the primary purpose of this project. The dependant bugs represent areas of work, and are not exhaustive. If you want to contribute at this phase in development, take a look at the bugs and linked documents, to familiarize yourself with the project, and then get in touch with the team on IRC (#mdndev on to carve out a piece of the project.

GitHub workflow

  1. Get your environment setup

  2. Set up mozilla remote ($ git remote add mozilla git://

  3. Create a branch for a bug ($ git checkout -b new-issue-888888)

  4. Develop on bug branch.

    Time passes, the mozilla/web-platform-compat repository accumulates new commits

  5. Commit changes to bug branch ($ git add . ; git commit -m 'fix bug 888888 - commit message')

  6. Fetch mozilla ($ git fetch mozilla)

  7. Update local master ($ git checkout master; git pull mozilla master)

    Repeat steps 4-7 till dev is complete

  8. Rebase issue branch ($ git checkout new-issue-888888; git rebase master)

  9. Push branch to GitHub ($ git push origin new-issue-888888)

  10. Issue pull request (Click Pull Request button)